What do you do at Gear Patrol?

As the Director of Business Development, I oversee new business efforts across Gear Patrol’s commercial department. My primary focus is our advertising business, where I specialize in our new & emerging brand categories and manage our direct response efforts. As a destination for product discovery, Gear Patrol continues to grow in these areas, as we bring new partners into the fold and introduce their products to our audience.

Did you notice any trends in 2020 that you think will continue into 2021?

Maybe it was the constant distraction of the world around us, but whether it was Substacks, Twitter threads or podcasts, easy-to-consume content ruled 2020. Podcast consumption and newsletter subscriptions spiked during lockdown and provided consumers a steady flow of content in bite-size increments, and gave brands the ability to connect directly with them in a more intimate way. Both podcasts and newsletters don’t show any signs of slowing down as we move through 2021, and I’m excited to see how content creators differentiate themselves in an increasing competitive space and how advertisers immerse themselves in this medium.

What about any trends that will be different from last year?

Last year we saw shorter planning schedules, as brands were forced to be more reactionary to ensure their messaging timed up with the moment. The agility a publisher could provide became more important than ever. While I do see condensed timelines and the need for flexibility continuing this year, I expect to see brands more balanced in their approach, blending their planning to account for both reactionary moments and proactive initiatives.

If you could use one word to describe your mindset for this new year, what would it be?


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