Tell us a little about yourself. What is your role at Luminox?

My name is Marco Prokop, I am the Marketing, PR and Events Manager for Luminox. I develop national marketing and communications strategy for our brand and products. I manage our partnerships and ambassador program. I coordinate with the sales team to develop promotions and point of sale opportunities for national retail and individual stores to drive sales and increase presence. I implement lead generation campaigns and report on the effectiveness of all marketing and communication efforts.

What’s the most rewarding part about what you do?

The most rewarding part of what I do is effectively communicating the Luminox brand ethos. This is proven when sales and awareness are a result of my marketing and communication activations. As a key contributor to a nimble and results-driven team, I am able to work closely with our production, design, sales and digital team to create products and release plans that are on brand, expressive and cohesive with our values and aspirations. The ultimate fulfillment is when this comes full circle and I see one of our new watches on the wrist of people I stumble across in daily life since it shows this individual believes in the product and what Luminox represents as a brand.

What’s been one of your favorite projects or campaigns that you’ve worked on with Luminox?

My favorite project has been increasing Luminox’s relationship with the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) and becoming official partners. The Navy SEALs have sacrificed more than one could imagine for this country and given credibility and importance to our brand. I am proud that through my work, I am able to return the favor and give back to this community that has provided so much for Luminox and our country.

I worked with the NSF and our product design team to create two collaborative timepieces which paid homage to the NSF. The results were tremendous in awareness and success for both parties. Today, Admiral William Mcraven, a retired United States Navy four-star admiral who oversaw the covert special operations team that led to the defeating of Osama bin Laden, proudly wears one of our Navy SEAL Foundation x Luminox timepieces. The relationship with the NSF is stronger than ever and I look forward to our continued growth.

What are your thoughts on how our new normal is shaping events? How has COVID affected the way you’re strategizing or messaging, especially with events?

COVID drastically changed my approach to event marketing with many of my plans and ideas being cancelled or postponed for safety and regulations. However, I realize that human interaction is critical for building the identity and trust of a brand and creating life-long relationships with consumers. It is crucial not to lose that human interaction. Moving forward, my approach to events will be to execute smaller, experience driven events that have a virtual presence which will allow participation from anywhere. I am working with the Navy SEAL Foundation to execute a Navy SEAL inspired team work out challenge that will raise donations for the NSF. There will be two physical events, one in Coronado and a second in Virginia Beach at the Navy SEAL bases. Simultaneously, we will host the events virtually so people can participate on social media throughout the country.

Why’d you choose to work with Gear Patrol? How do you approach working with media publications?

I choose to work with Gear Patrol for two main reasons: Credibility & reaching the core Luminox audience. Gear Patrol is a taste-maker that outdoor enthusiasts, gentlemen and gearheads alike trust and look to for the best gear. I understand the importance for our brand to be considered credible and therefore, the need to associate ourselves with Gear Patrol. Gear Patrol continues, time after time, to deliver results. The audience Gear Patrol attracts and reaches combined with their ability to curate content and introduce the newest and best gear, influences consumer’s purchasing. This proven combination has led to great success in credibility and reaching our core consumer.

What are the essential pieces of gear that you can’t live without?

Essential gear that I cannot live without are my Shane Stoneman Twin Du Jour surfboard, my Quiksilver 3/2 wetsuit and my Luminox Pacific Diver watch. I start each morning with those 3 items, run down to the beach for a quick surf and ensure I make it back home on time to start my meetings. Life is short, every second counts.

With our new normal, what have you been up to outside of work? Any fun hobbies or projects that you’ve been working on?

The work from home mandate led me home to Minnesota for the remainder of 2020. During that time at home, I utilized my father’s workshop and furbished a sprinter van into a custom camper. I spent my evenings after work insulating, installing paneling, building a lofted bed and making the camper of my dreams that would allow me to explore our beautiful country. After completing the build, I drove cross-country and relocated to Santa Monica, California where I have been taking advantage of the endless summer. On the weekends, I have been camping in my van and surfing in places like Mexico, Big Sur and Northern California.

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