Meet Matt Pastorius, Gear Patrol's New Business Development Manager

Join us in welcoming Gear Patrol's latest Partnership's team addition. With enthusiasm, a fresh perspective, and diverse background in marketing and creative strategy, Matt's here to develop and grow GP's Direct Response advertising business. We sat down with Matt to talk all things sales, strategy, and skateboarding.

Welcome to the team, Matt! Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Pittsburgh and raised in New Jersey. My two favorite things on earth are performing on-stage – whether in a theatrical role or as the lead singer of my band – as well as snowboarding. Human connection and creative self-expression are my lifeblood.

What's something that really excites you about joining the GP crew?

Being surrounded by people, brands and products that inspire me every single day.

This wouldn't be a proper introduction if you didn't share with us your favorite piece of gear and why you currently can't live without it.

My favorite piece of gear has got to be my record player. It sat in my father’s garage for probably thirty years and isn’t the highest quality, but it works like a dream. I love its simplicity and tactile nature, but the sound that comes from vinyl records...there’s something so warm and refreshingly rough about it that can’t be replicated. I try to listen to a new record every day – it helps me slow down and really listen to the story being told.

You mentioned being a Gear Patrol fan prior to joining the team. How do you plan to translate your knowledge of a GP consumer into a sales-driven role?

Being an avid fan of Gear Patrol for nearly a decade certainly helps to understand and be able to articulate what Gear Patrol is in a natural way. But beyond that, I genuinely believe in Gear Patrol as the authentic authority in product journalism. I hope that this passion and conviction comes through in every conversation I have with partners.

You're coming in here with a fresh, new perspective. What's your vision for the future of the Partnership's team as we continue to build relationships in a virtual world?

I don’t have a traditional sales background, so I plan on using my experience in marketing and creative strategy to try different things and approach conversations with an open mind. Despite the fact that we’re building partnerships on a mostly virtual level for now, my goal remains the same: build strong working relationships based on trust, empathy and efficacy.

With our new normal, what have you been up to outside of work? Any fun hobbies or projects that you've been working on?

A bunch of stuff! I can’t sit still. Hiking, yoga, and skateboarding – even though I’d never skateboarded a day in my life until last year. Anything that gets me up and outdoors.

We're so happy you're here, Matt, and can't wait to see what you accomplish. Any last words?

To our partners: I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m here to welcome you to Gear Patrol and find the right solutions for you based on your goals and interests. I can’t wait to speak with you all! Go Steelers.

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