Meet Hawaii's Makers with OluKai

Olukai is a footwear company rooted in Hawaiian culture and the island lifestyle. To put its footwear in context with its rich culture, Gear Patrol Studios profiled business owners in Oahu.

Our visually-driven native feature series featured stunning photography and emotional video, telling the stories of how these business owners chose the Hawaiian lifestyle and how it plays a factor in who they are and what they make.

Ken Hirata

Owner & Founder of Hawaiian SHOCHU Company

A portrait of Ken Hirata.
Cut taro on a table.
Rows of taro plants.
Ken Hirata plays music outside.

Nick Kuchar

Nick Kuchar Art & Design Company

A portrait of Nick Kuchar.
Nick Kuchar's paint brush.
Stickers designed by Nick Kuchar.
Nick Kuchar's home studio.
A VW van shot in a garage.
Olukai's leather sneakers shot in the sand.

John Reyno

Owner & Founder of Hawaii Modern