The Lesson of 2018: First Define Reality, Then Say Thank You

I’ve been fortunate to have many great managers and peers throughout my career who have taught me a lot about professional and personal life. I’ve paid close attention to their experience and have done my best in applying that in ways that best suit my personality and goals. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned has been looking at leadership and management as a kind of stewardship and service. For me, this means stressing the importance of building relationships, initiating ideas and creating a lasting value system within an organization.

Max De Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller said it best: “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality and the last is to say thank you.” That belief of service and its philosophy extends beyond the organization and the management team – it’s also appropriate in the way that we treat and think about our clients.

Gear Patrol’s audience has been exposed to some of the most reputable and authoritative brands around both through our award-winning editorial, as well as through the advertising and branded content sides of our business. Our advertising and partnerships team takes great pride in looking at our business through the lens of client service and ensuring that our partner’s goals and success are the top priority. After all, your success is how we define our success and we aim to build long-term and fruitful relationships.

So, on behalf of myself, our founders Eric Yang and Ben Bowers, and the entire Gear Patrol team, I’d like to simply say thank you to our clients and partners. We’ve had an amazing, challenging and successful year and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. We’re grateful for your trust and ongoing support of Gear Patrol. Thank you!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2019 to you all!

Zach Mader
Vice President, Advertising & Partnerships
Gear Patrol