Bottega Veneta: Providing a Platform and Audience

Luxury accessories brand Bottega Veneta had a desire to share a location-based story with a wider audience. Not structurally built for content distribution, they came to Gear Patrol Studios for an audience and platform for this visually-stimulating piece. 

To supplement the rich images, custom editorial was created in-house by Gear Patrol Studios. The story focused on the juxtaposition of the Olson Kundig designed Rolling Huts within the landscape of the Delta Shelter in Eastern Washington in conversation with the architect. By positioning the Oculus duffel as a conduit to partaking on a trip like this, it allowed for the natural inclusion of the product for a more authentic approach.

Letting the backstory of the Rollings Huts and the impeccable photography do the speaking, Gear Patrol Studios drew a connective line between the setting and the bag. Including a product sidebar that highlighted the bag provided an opportunity for integrating a natural call out of the product after the story was done with.

Even when Gear Patrol Studios is using client-supplied assets to build out an original story, we can create a deep narrative and visually stimulating pieces that focus on characteristics of the product without the product having to be front-and-center. This allows for an authentic and unique way to tell a story within a story and invites Gear Patrol readers to dig in and invest their time.