Fjällräven: The Norrland Gear Testing Expedition

Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven has long been committed to making gear that will last for decades. The company’s design and testing process is among the most rigorous in the world. They came to Gear Patrol Studios to produce a campaign highlighting their testing process in extreme conditions in the field to prove their leadership in the outdoor gear space.

Fjällräven isn’t catering to fleeting trends. Their goals have never been to make products cheaply or quickly, and, conversely, the brand isn’t out to make expensive and over-engineered products for no reason.

Each year, Fjällräven’s annual polar Expedition cuts a 190-mile course from Tromsø, Norway, to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, all by dogsled. So, our team went along for testing in one of the harshest environments in the world. Producing a print and digital feature enabled a two-pronged approach for editorially speaking to the design process while letting the compelling photography show off the rigorous testing in action. 

Fjällräven is a rare trailblazer that will stick with a great product rather than continuously reinvent the wheel. Speaking about their G-1000® fabric (a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton that is infused with the brand’s proprietary wax blend called Greenland Wax), Fjällräven’s head of Innovation & Design Henrik Andersson told us, “We have new fabrics and new materials, but when something works, we’re not afraid of keeping it and staying true to that.” 

And when you consider that the CTR on this campaign came in over 4x our target benchmarks, it’s clear that what they’re doing does indeed work.