Leica: Exploring a Wealth of Photographic Knowledge

Leica, a German company founded in 1914, has been renowned for their long tradition of excellence in the craftsmanship of their cameras. Aiming to expand their fanbase, Leica came to Gear Patrol Studios (GPS) as they saw a natural alignment with our readers who are both adventurists and enthusiasts for quality and design.

Today, Leica continues their legacy by not only creating innovative cameras, but also by championing their products through ambassadors who are seasoned professional photographers for amazing brands like Patagonia. These ambassadors are masters of their craft, carry invaluable experience creating content at leading brands, and know the ins and outs of Leica products. Tapping into this wealth of photographic knowledge, we saw a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of their creative process for the brands we love.

Through a year long partnership with Leica, GPS captured the stories of two veteran photographers utilizing two different Leica models. They discussed their individual creative styles and recounted what sparked their passion for photography. GPS explored these contrasting stories, by creating a visually-driven video and a native feature with original photography. These aesthetic pieces highlighted Leica’s craftsmanship, product versatility and iconic status in the world of photography.

The original content that we created resonated with our engaged readers, as they outperformed our page and video benchmarks. On average, 75% more time was spent on page than our average site benchmarks, and the video saw a 84% completion rate. But more importantly, we created emotive and engaging content that further elevated their brand, helping our client exceed their goals.