Olukai: You Can’t Rush Indigo

Olukai is rooted in Hawaiian culture and island lifestyle. For a limited edition collection they paired up with the duo of Hawaiian Blue indigo makers to create a run of shoes made from the uniquely pale indigo fabric that Tokunari Fujibayash and Donna Miyashiro create. Olukai came to Gear Patrol Studios to help illuminate the process, the people, and the inspiration behind the collection. 

Realizing that you can’t rush indigo, the focus of the campaign looked at how artistic-driven work needs time to be completed and dove into the locally grown process that thrives in Hawaii.

Uncovering the scaling up that was required for the fabric production, Gear Patrol Studios created a visually-driven video and native feature with original photography based around the indigo-making process. Following this from start-to-finish showed how handmade fabrics on a small scale represent the artisan economy on the Hawaiian Islands that operates like nowhere else in the world. 

We all know that when creating a short documentary and telling the story of true craftsman, soul matters more than numbers. But in this case, the numbers backed up the hype. This work saw over 2x the benchmark click throughs and blew away the target time spent as well to Olukai’s delight.