The Macallan: Making a Mark with The Macallan

Gear Patrol and the Phillips Auction House hosted an exclusive reader event to preview rare watches — as part of our new reader activation series, In The Field. While this partnership with Phillips and Gear Patrol would be a great inaugural event, we still needed that extra bit of x-factor to tie it all together. So we approached the Macallan, a luxury single malt whiskey with a legacy of excellence, to explore ways to make an evening our readers would never forget.

The Macallan was seeking an audience with a certain degree of disposable income, a curiosity around the finer things and an interest in tradition and craft. So we set out to build a data story to bring our audience to life, looking at our readers with high levels of discretionary spending, in combination with an affinity for luxury watch purchasing and an interest in spirits. We also learned that New York City had the greatest concentration of readers that fell within that demographic. It was this degree of data and demographic insight that tipped the scales for The Macallan to sign on.

With The Macallan on board, we brought together a bevy of guests from the tri-state area for an evening of rare watches and rare whiskey at the Phillips Auction House. At the event, our dedicated readers paired their cocktail attire with their favorite timepiece for portraits taken by a Gear Patrol photographer. We also held a Q&A with our watch editor and the Phillips Head of Watches for the Americas. And most importantly, we hosted a rare whiskey tasting that put The Macallan brand in front of an audience of enthusiasts.

Within two days of announcing the event, we had exceeded our expectations and reached our maximum RSVP and waitlist capacity. Our venue was packed with 105 attendees — this became a fantastic moment to showcase The Macallan brand, tell stories of rare products and share Whiskey tastings with an affluent audience of enthusiasts. In the days following the event, The Macallan team saw a correlation between sales and key areas that matched our geo-targeted invitation list. In their estimation, this correlation could only be attributed to results from our In the Field reader activation with Phillips. .