Vans: Wherever You Go

Vans launched the lightweight UltraRange shoe to meet the needs of adventurers on the go. To exhibit the shoe’s capabilities, Vans sought out Gear Patrol Studios as a launch partner to produce a far-flung custom video series.

As Vans pro surfer Pat Gudauskas collaborated to design the shoe, Pat and his brother Tanner were GPS’s subjects on a voyage across Japan from the land to the sea highlighting the UltraRange’s versatile capabilities as a travel shoe. Both brothers love to travel and seek out places beyond the ocean, making it a perfect fit to showcase the UltraRange shoes.

With both the rural coast and urban center as the backdrop, Gear Patrol Studios created a visually-driven video series and a custom, native feature that followed the excursion. Displaying an appetite for Japanese culture, style and surf, the program immerses the viewer deeply into a rich travel expedition.

Putting a pair of shoes to the test in the field is the most authentic way to show what the product is meant to do. The cultural and oceanic insights juxtaposed each other to provide a travel narrative that inspired viewers spend quality time with the brand and to seek out their own passions and adventures.

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Total Video Views: 8,627,225